Tamara Wettlaufer


Hi! My name is Tamara Wettlaufer and I am an Instructor Therapist at bitKIDS.

My journey into ABA started while working in group homes for adults with autism. I was able to see first hand how ABA can help individuals reach their full potential and reach new goals. During the pandemic, I decided I wanted to take the Registered Behavioural Technician course so I could work full time in the field I had become so passionate about. In my role at bitKIDS I work one on one with children to implement behavior strategies and skill building programs designed by Senior Therapists. This career has been beyond rewarding and I am very grateful for the continued opportunities I have had. In the field, I value honesty, empathy, and individuality. When I am not at bitKIDS, you will most likely find me in local parks with my adorable dog, Gus!

bitKIDS Behaviour Consulting, 202-1601 River Rd E., Kitchener, ON, N2A 3Y4 | info@bitkids.ca | 519-742-5437