Our goal at bitKIDS is to understand your child’s behaviour and teach them the skills they need while providing you with strategies to bring the best out of your children. We understand that parents can get overwhelmed. That is why we have a team of professionals who will be your partners. Together, we will create a plan that suits your child’s needs and your goals.


As a bitKIDS client, you will receive research-backed therapy by trained professionals in a clinic-based setting

Research-Backed Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis is a scientifically proven approach used to teach new skills, reduce challenging behaviour, and help individuals reach their potential. ABA is often the treatment of choice for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, however it can be used to help individuals with a variety of needs. 

The Value of BCBAs

Being a BCBA means a few things. We report to a board, practice according to the board’s code of ethics, and participate in continuing education to maintain our certification. We are also required to ensure all of the individuals that we supervise practice according to the code of ethics and the practice guidelines we follow.


Our spacious clinic offers plenty of space for quiet 1:1 sessions, raucous groups and everything in between. We have designated space for sensory and gross motor breaks, pretend play, and our classroom, circle, and music groups.


We offer a variety of services to our families including:

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA/IBI)

ABA/IBI is the preferred treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Intensive, customized, and includes skills across several domains.

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Early Learning Program
Give your child the building blocks they need to be successful in Speech and Language Pathology (SLP), Occupational Therapy (OT), daycare, or organized activities.

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Direct Instruction Curriculum

A systematic, evidence-based approach to teaching language, reading, and math skills that can be embedded into an IBI program, used as a stand-alone treatment, or incorporated into group sessions.

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