About Us

Our Mission

At bitKIDS, our mission is to provide exceptional services that provide the teaching needed to help children excel in their communities with a focus on evidence-based treatment, fun sessions and collaborations.

Our Priorities

Evidence-Based Treatment

You will often find our clinicians with their heads in research articles and participating in continuing education to find the best available evidence before implementing a treatment. This, paired with our clinical experience and knowledge of a specific learner and the analyzing that data that we are always collecting leads us to provide exceptional service based on evidence.

Fun Sessions

It is essential that therapy be fun. We focus on building strong relationships with the children we work with, and we do this through engaging in activities that are exciting to the child. When we make it fun and build a relationship of trust, we can create a dynamic learning environment. 

Collaborative Approach

We believe that therapy should not happen in a silo. We know that for best outcomes, we need to be working alongside family members and other professionals. That is why we invite families to participate in sessions and work closely with them throughout our therapeutic relationship. You can often find us in school meetings, or on the phone with school staff to align goals and provide each other with suggestions. Sometimes when you walk through our clinic space, you may hear a Music Therapist as we work together to generalize skills in new ways. We love learning from and incorporating the recommendations of Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists and sharing what we have learned about a child and what we know about behaviour to help make sessions from other professionals as effective as possible.