Krista LePage, BCBA


Hi! My name is Krista LePage and I am a Senior Therapist at bitKIDS.

I have worked in the field of ABA for 13 years, the last six with bitKIDS. As a Senior Therapist I am motivated by both the flourishing of the children we serve as well as the compassion of my colleagues who reach deep within themselves to find ways to connect with and support the children with whom we work. Having a workplace that fosters uniqueness and has a healthy culture of collaboration, creativity and humour has been foundational to my development as a Behaviour Analyst. In my free time I can be found touring my neighbourhood with my son who is learning to ride his bike as I warn of upcoming lampposts and ill-placed trees. In my scant “me-time” I devour books, write, and keep myself grounded through meditation.

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